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Friday, April 12, 2024

The Eclipse of DOOM!

Hey there heroes!

This week, an eclipse has blocked out the sun over Falconreach... and of course, an undead army has followed! It's time for a war!

The undead alone would be bad enough... but it looks like they've been Doomed as well! What's going on?! Who could be behind all of this? Defend Falconreach in this week's WAR!

New cosmetic items will be available for Defender Medals at 50%!

Note: This war and its rewards (besides Defender Medals) will be permanent after its completion.

Also, presenting: Umbrabrand!

This awesome cosmetic weapon of unknown origin is available from the Eclipse of DOOM war town for 300 DCs! You can upgrade its appearance for 100 Defender Medals for each tier! After you upgrade it, you can click on it to change its appearance to a previous version as well.

Also this week, some bug fixes/adjustments!

  • Adjusted description of the Glaive of Eternal Peace and Savior's Spear to better clarify the lore behind it.
  • Fixed issue where giving a build/outfit the exact name of an item in your inventory would put it into the set (even if it wouldn't get equipped).
  • The Dragesvard button no longer appears in the Elemental Foothills part of the Book 3 Travel map after it has been rediscovered.

And that's all for this week! Enjoy the war, everyone, and stay healthy!

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