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Friday, April 1, 2022

The Eggsalted Meateor Has Landed!

Hey there, heroes!

So, um, this happened.

Where once was the bustling town of Falconreach (Book 3, we don't have the budget to blow up Book 1, too), now lies a smoking crater. But as you sift through the remains of the once prosperous town, you catch sight of a large, oval structure looming over the destruction.

Push past the fog and discover what wonders await inside...

Oddly enough, the portal to the Inn at the Edge of Time managed to stay unscathed. Hmm...

Head over to whatever remains of Book 3 Falconreach to, well, you'll see.

(This... encounter... will still be available even after the event has ended.)

Also this week, April Dragon Coin specials have arrived! Ostara's Armaments are now available from the seasonal shop page in the Book of Lore! The helm and weapon of the legendary warrior beast Ostara can now be yours! Ostara's Guard even has color custom ears that match your skin color!

Hyonix Gear is also returning this month. Check it out if you're interested!

Finally, the Epocharina artifact for Epoch is now fully functional!

Bard Epoch shares its effects with Eternal Epoch, but with different art, and a different Final animation.

And some adjustment things.

  • Eggsalted Chickencow's damage scaling has been reduced by about 25 - 33%.
  • Eggsalted Chickencow's recovery from Unbound/Unwound has been reduced from 50% to 33%

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