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Friday, March 8, 2024

Fear Engine: The Aker'varus

Hey there, heroes!

Just when you thought you found the way out of the Fearscape... One final test stands before you. Kassandra's ultimate fear.

The Aker'varus, terrible beast of legend, has been brought into being as a feargheist— and it's all that stands between you and escape.

Will you, Sirius, and Kass be able to surmount this final challenge and put an end to the Fear Engine? Or will you meet your end at the teeth and claws of the Aker'varus as have so many before?

Find Sirius in Book 3 Falconreach to find out in the finale of the Fear Engine saga! (Note: There will be an Epilogue quest released at a later date!)

Also this week, a new cosmetic item is now available!

The Swiftblade Hood is perfect for any covert and fashionable Rangers! This color-custom hood is the first part of a set, coming later this month!

You can get it from the sales banner in the Book of Lore, or from the cosmetics shop in Bk3 Cysero's superstore!

Finally, a number of fixes and updates! Don't forget to clear cache!

  • Kassandra and Sirius have had their tooltips updated.
  • Artifact hunter Kassandra's Seek skill has had its mana cost reduced to 20, to match real Kassandra.
  • Updated Pirate's Plunder skill's tooltip to fix an incorrect description.
  • Cysero's Spare Hammer has had a special added.
    • On hit: 20% chance to apply -20 Crit for 3 turns.
    • On demand: 5 turn cooldown. 1 hit x 200% damage. Attempts to apply -40 Crit for 6 turns, and also attempts to shrink your foe. If an enemy targetted is shrunk, damage is increased to 1 hit x 400% damage with 300 Crit.
  • Fixed an issue with Epoch's Timeshift tooltips being overwritten in some cases.
  • Ranger's tooltips have been updated!
  • Added an About Ranger dialogue to Zhoom in Bk1 Sandsea.
  • Anything else I may have forgotten!

And that's all for this week!

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