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Friday, January 4, 2019

Forgotten Beasts!

Hey there, and happy new year, heroes!

It's a new year, and we have so many awesome things planned and in store for everyone! Starting off this year, we have the first challenges of a new board at the Arena at the Edge of Time!

Introducing: The Forgotten Beasts challenges!

First up is Frallmar, Scourge of Frostval! This younger, leaner, and meaner Frallmar comes straight from the legends! Fight a fully wide awake Frallmar before it got older and bigger!

Next up, is the Hyperhydra, the Star-Eater! The Hyperhydra comes from, a long forgotten time! Perhaps it's the ancestor of all current hydras? This regenerating, multi-headed monstrosity awaits your challenge!

Now that we've met our Forgotten Beasts for this week, why would you fight them?

Defeating both Frallmar, Scourge of Frostval, and the Hyperhydra, will allow you to obtain your very own Krampy pet! That's right, the lovable, helpful moglin Krampy from the 2018 Frostval story can be earned to follow you along on your journeys. His damage scales with your level, and his heal gets a small bonus from your CHA stat!

Can you take down these ancient, forgotten beasts of legend? Will you be victorious?

Head over to the Inn at the Edge of Time to test your skill!

Coming soon: an EPIC gift for all of our DragonLord supporters, Inanitas' Thorns saga, Nieboheim exploration, and more!

As a final reminder, the Frostval Storybook leaves in 1 week, on the 11th of January! Make sure you get your presents unwrapped and upgraded before they go away for another year!

The Frostval Art Contest also ends on the 11th! Make sure to get your submissions submitted on Twitter using the hashtag #DragonFableFrostval before then!

Having trouble with the fights? Have strategies you want to share? Have something you'd like to see on the Forgotten Beasts challenge board? Want to discuss all things DragonFable?

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