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Friday, August 23, 2019

Out of Control

Hey there, heroes!

Book 3's main story: The End of Magic continues this week! After the closure of the Magesterium's Sandsea rift, the Kingdom of Greenguard seemed to settle as the various factions plan their next moves.

The Rose, led by Lady Jaania, continue their plots and research while Queen Victoria of the Kingdom of Greenguard acclimates to her new position. Meanwhile, the resistance forces of the Vind scout the lands, awaiting the Magesterium's next move. Akanthus, general of the Rose, advances his own plots in the background as well.

And today, the Magesterium takes their next step, with potentially world-changing consequences.

Head over to Kara in Sulen'Eska to play this week's quest: Out of Control!

Also this week, a few bug fixes and updates.

  • Fixed bug with Ascended ChickenCow's "Keelia's Ultra Fried Cow" skill would cause unintended behavior with other effects.
  • Fixed bug with DragonSlayer where "Draconic Blaze" would cause unintended behavior with other effects.
  • Fixed bug where DragonWarrior's Dragon's Flare shield and damage boost were not applying properly.
  • Fixed bug where Groundhog Wings III and Necro Paragon Cape III did not give +4 WIS.
  • Fixed bug where female DragonSlayer did not have proper hit/cast/dmg spots.
  • Fixed bug with ShadowHunter where the weaken combo would not properly apply.
  • Fixed bug where old skills marked as using "Range" damage would bypass defenses.
  • Fixed bug where Ancient Shadow Rogue's Daze attack did not apply its proper effects.
  • Fixed bug where the Ebony and Roses scythes from 2010 HHD improperly had a sword icon instead of scythe.
  • Fixed a variety of exploits and issues.
  • The Cyrohem's Heart on foot battle in the Song of the Ateala war has had its difficulty significantly reduced.

The list of bugs to fix still has quite a lot to go, but I'm doing my best to fix as many as I can when I have time.

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