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Friday, December 18, 2020

Reimagined: Bugs and Souls

Hey there, heroes!

The final Reimagined release of the year has arrived! While we don't have a quest for you this time, we've got bug fixes, changes, and new armor customization options!

First, Soulweaver and Chaosweaver have received armor customization options. These incredible customization options include new Soul Claws with their arm options!

  • Soulweaver now has the Soulforged customization (created by Dove), available upon completion of the "The First Weaver" storyline.
  • Soulweaver also has the Freelancer customization (created by Dracelix), available immediately.
  • Soulweaver's Color Custom version is also now available as a customization option.
  • Chaosweaver now has the Vaal customization (created by Darkon), which requires the "Vaal's Ego" trinket to unlock.
  • Chaosweaver also has the Unravelled customization (created by Darkon), available immediately.

Now for some changes and updates!

  • Dragon color customization is now available in the Armor Paint room.
  • Armor customization options that require items can now be unlocked even if the item required is in the bank.
  • Cryptic's "Steal a Potion" skill has been reworked.
    • The skill now has a 100% chance to steal a potion, however, it can only be used twice per battle.
  • X-Tenders have been added to the X-Boost shop.
    • If you purchase an "X-Boost: 1wk" or an "X-Boost: 30d" and would like to upgrade them into an "X-Boost: Unlimited", you can now purchase the corresponding X-Tender item and merge it with your boost to obtain an "X-Boost: Unlimited".
    • NOTE: You cannot use an X-Tender with an expired X-Boost item.
  • The Equilibrium Pauldron toggle button in the Arena at the Edge of Time has been changed to a simple unlock display.
  • Wrath, Sloth, and Pride unlock details have been made more clear in the Arena at the Edge of Time.
  • Color Custom Evolved DragonLord customization's trim will now match your dragon's eye color.
  • Also, as a test run, Dragonlord's eye color will now match your dragon's eye color. Let us know what you think!
  • Female DoomKnight has had some animation adjustments to prevent shoulder dislocation.

And finally, bug fixes!

  • Attempted to fix DragonMage's freezing, sticking, and graphical issues.
    • This has been an incredibly tough bug to pin down, so hopefully the changes made with this release should resolve them.
  • Pyromancer's "To Ashes" skill no longer purges Devouring Magefire.
  • Archivist's  "Ash's Glory" skill now properly adds 200 Bonus instead of setting it to 200.
  • Fixed a bug where going left from the Dragon Challenge Board took you to the incorrect challenge board.
  • Fixed some bugs with the Escherion and Staff of Inversion challenges.
    • The Staff of Inversion now properly attacks every 5th turn.
    • The Staff of Inversion now properly applies Vulnerable to Escherion when it is defeated.
    • Escherion now properly checks if the Staff of Inversion is defeated before applying Vulnerable.
  • Added some checks to the Xing and Xanx and Vath and Stalagbite fights to reduce the amount of duplicate notifications.
  • Fixed a bug where leaving Bk3 Osprey Cove by going to the right would take you to Bk1 Falconreach instead of Bk3.
  • Fixed a bug where beginning the Maleurous saga would not start with the quest "The Firmament".
  • Fixed a bug where the "Phonebooth" house item was incorrectly giving a locked notification.
  • Fixed being able to escape with npc classes in the quest "Bachelor Party".
  • Fixed some incorrect notifications with some of ChronoZ's combos.
  • Fixed a bug where male Necromancers' summoned skeletons were missing their ribcages.
  • Fixed a bug where Metal element items would not have an icon when selling items.
  • Fixed a bug where Kathool Adept's "Fear" skill would reduce effects on the player by one turn.
  • Fixed a bug where Lojaali Vero wouldn't give you the proper greeting even after you've been accepted by the Vind.

Along with all of these updates and fixes, Dove was able to find time to work on the 2021 Epoch variant!

Have a preview of the upcoming DragonByte Epoch! (Click for HD version!)

Also, today is Dracelix's birthday! To celebrate, the Lightblade Caliburn shop will be available for one week.

And that's all for this week! Coming soon... Frostval draws near, and with it, a war to close out the year!

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