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Friday, April 19, 2024

Reimagined - Tooltips & More!

Hey there, heroes!

While Dove is busy working on next week's main story release, we've been hard at work updating more classes with tooltips and adjustments!

Let's dive into the updates!

  • Tooltips have been updated for the following classes:
    • Ninja
    • DeathKnight
    • Paladin
    • Chaosweaver
    • DoomKnight
  • Tooltips have also been updated for your Kid/Toddler/Baby Dragon!

There have also been a number of adjustments to some classes.

  • Chaosweaver's Attack button now recovers 15 MP.
  • Chaosweaver's Empowered Soul Shred now applies its -Bonus effect at the end of the attack if any of its hits land (rather than alternating between Stun and -Bonus effects on hit).
  • Chaosweaver's Vengeance damage has been increased to 19 hits x 10% (190%), up from 19 hits x 9.2% (175%)
  • Chaosweaver's Snap DoT effect is now None element.
  • Slightly reduced lag caused by DeathKnight relic calculations.
  • Paladin's Radiant Armaments now increases Defense by 40/60/80, down from 60/90/120.
  • Paladin's Seal of Celerity reduced to -(60 + 30 x Radiance) Avd/Def down from -(100 + 50 x Radiance) Avd/Def.
  • Paladin Seal skill effects on the player now also scale with Radiance. (In other words, you now take a larger negative effect if you apply a larger negative effect).
  • Avatar of Time's Temporal Reset cooldown reduced to 99, down from 100. (Note: This is not the Avatar of Time rework, just a quick fix because the cooldown was getting cut off in the tooltip)
  • DoomKnight's Attack button now recovers 15 MP.
  • DoomKnight's Lingering Darkness DoT effect has been changed to 150%/300% non-scaling. This should be about the same damage as before.
  • DoomKnight's Beast Corruption is now -40 Boost, and does not decay.
  • DoomKnight's Drain Will is now floored at 25 Immobility. As a result, it can no longer steal negative Immobility resist from enemies.
  • DoomKnight's Drain Essence is now effective on the turn it's applied.
  • DoomKnight's Blood Rite now does 130% base damage, up from 100%.
  • DoomKnight's Necrotic Strike has been reworked.
    • Now deals 2 hits of 30% scaled damage to HP, and regenerates MP equal to 20% of the damage dealt.
  • All Dragon Pets/Guests: Skip has been moved to the left side of the skill bar.
  • All Dragon Pets/Guests: Left side abilities have been renamed to their proper names, rather than their associated stat.
  • All Dragon Pets/Guests: Magic Beam now properly rounds its added Boost and Bonus. The skill label for Magic Beam has been changed to Beam, instead of Blast.
  • All Dragon Pet versions: When dismissing then resummoning your pet dragon, it no longer gains an extra turn of cooldown on skills.
  • Kid Dragon's Primal Fury has been moved to the right side of the skill bar, and its cooldown no longer persists between battles.
  • Ranger now has a combat widget that displays your current Focus and double turn status. It can be clicked for detailed information.
  • Ranger no longer displays a Focus notification at the start of every turn.
  • Ranger's Armorslash effect now displays +20 Health res.
  • Technomancer now has a combat widget that displays your current Drive boost (Or Recalibration status) and Heat. It can be clicked for detailed information.
  • Technomancer now only displays a Drive/Heat/Recal notification at the start of the first turn.
  • Artix now has an explanation of Paladin mechanics in Bk1 Doomwood.
  • Yix's explanation of Technomancer mechanics now displays the widget where appropriate.

And some general updates!

  • Resistance calculation at very high res has been adjusted/fixed.
    • Previously, having a high amount of combined All + Elemental res from gear could sometimes bypass small -res effects. That is to say, your resistance was treated as capped by 80 even after the -res effect was applied. (For example, if you had 50 Fire and 50 All, and suffered -20 All, you would remain at 80 Fire res total, rather than 60).
    • As of now, combined resistances from equipment will cap at 80 before -res effects apply. However, you can still counteract -res effects with +res effects. (If you have 50 Fire and 50 All, and suffer -20 All, you will now have 60 Fire total. But if you use a +40 All effect, you will be back up to an effective 99 Fire res).
    • Immobility, being uncapped, is unaffected by this change.
    • Also note that this did not affect many actual situations, so there have not been any balance adjustments related to this change.
  • Capped resistances will now display in parentheses in the character info screen.
    • Fire: 35 (80)
    • All: 60
  • The character info screen will now show the Adventure Mode/Doomed Mode icon.
  • Fixed an issue with the Crescent, Edge, and Mark of the Eclipse weapons where their element swapping would swap to improper case'd Darkness and Light.
  • Fixed an issue with the Scythe of the Doomed Eclipse special where it was not functioning as intended.
  • Pets will no longer suffer from Waking Up if swapped on the very first turn of battle.
  • Anything else I may have forgotten!

Also, congratulations on completing the Eclipse of DOOM war! The war will remain active and Defender Medals will continue to drop until the first release of May (2 weeks).

Also, here's a work in progress of the next Dragon Coin cosmetic item! The Swiftblade Cloak to match last month's hood is on the way.

Unfortunately, Dracelix is dealing with some personal stuff irl this week, so we weren't able to get this out this week, but it's coming soon!

And that's all for this week! Next week... The Mana Core awaits.

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