Monday, November 30, 2015

10th Beta Anniversary!

Happy 10th Beta Anniversary everyone!

There's a special Monday release in celebration! Log in now and visit Symone to help Elysia, Sir Junn, and Twilly aleve the creeping Dark sickness that fell over Falconreach and Oaklore when Valtrith's dark missile exploded at the end of the war!

DragonFable Anniversary Breaking Down

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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Evil Artifact

It's Artix Entertainments 12th Anniversary! Get ready for unlimited smoothies while you break apart bad guys!

You've also received a mysterious letter in your Book of Lore! Something… evil has arisen in the Wastelands and you need to get out there to find it! If you can recover it, you’ll get a brand new artifact reward which, when you’re using any of the original base classes, will give you a 50% chance to obtain an extra potion when you use your Final Skill!

You can track your progress on the official page here!

Phantom Pixel Anniversary Event

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