Friday, July 27, 2012

Imaru's Treasure

From the Kensai’s cave;

It’s been a long strange trip bringing you this quest.  A lot of crazy RL stuff was happening when this quest was being planned and built, but we pushed through it to bring you this offering. 

Both Alina and Geo were quite touched when they found out that DragonFable had also brought together Serenity Okami and Imaru.  While I was visiting the lab with Chainsword and Lady, Geo and Alina said they were thinking about doing a quest for them.  I naturally jumped at the chance to honor two people I have grown to know through the forums.  It was decided that a quest should be made that was slightly inverse of the one Rolith did for his proposal to Alina… Serenity should rescue Imaru.

I chose the pirate theme because for the longest time he was calling himself “Captain Imaru”, so I build this quest with that in mind.  

I admit to some teasing and some underhandedness. A while back, I sent a message to a forumite to start a thread.  This thread would be your contribution to the release today.  That thread was the “What scythe will you never remove from your inventory?” thread.  Your top choices were taken into account when creating some crossed scythe house items. When I asked Serenity for her NPC art, I told her it was so that I could get an honest appraisal from Ghost.  True Mortal, after completing his scythe, showed it to Serenity, telling her it was just something he was working on.  I asked the questions I needed but was always careful not to let either of them know what we were up to.

Ghost worked hard on the cut scenes, True Mortal and Dracelix provided artwork for the pirate ship as well as creating scythe rewards for this release.

Serenity Okami and Imaru;  Wuv, twue wuv (yes a PB moment there), is a great blessing.  You two take care of each other and support each other in all that comes your way and I promise you this; you will be able to stand against the world.  We wish you all the best in your future and look forward to hearing about your eventual wedding.  Great luck you two!