Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Merge

This Wargoth titan fight is one of the most unique that we've done! Not only is titan Wargoth comprised of three monsters, you'll actually have The Professor and his apprentice, Konnan, along to help you! This battle will give you a whole new perspective on titan fights! Ghost, Rolith, Verlyrus and all the AKs that have helped to test this fight have worked incredibly hard to make sure that the ultimate battle for Chapter 2 is one you'll remember!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Cluck, Cluck, MOOOOO!

As per player request, the Cluck, Cluck, MOOOOO quest has returned! If you have your titan dragon, just visit Cysero and see his quests to challenge him and his GIANT ChickenCow to a fight!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Maker

From the Kensai's Cave:

Well, it’s been a long time since TM was hurt in that car accident.  We’ve seen signs of his recovery appearing in game, and finally, tonight, we have a new offering for you.  You’ve been introduced to the Khy’Rhian in the course of TMs saga.  Finally, you will learn more about them, as well as the shadowy necromancer who created them.  What his purpose was in creating them we will never know, but perhaps you can learn how they were made, and what force compels them to serve Nivalis.

It’s been a long trying week.  Fortunately TM has fully recovered and to help slide you back into his story, we are bringing you the tale of Vae’Kan… a mysterious necromancer who may have a clue for you as to how the Khy’Rhian were created.  True Mortal is now back in his accustomed spot, and is ready to send you to meet this Vae’Kan.  Good Luck, and have a great weekend!  True Mortal created all the art for this, as well as the weapon.  True Mortal is also making his musical debut in DragonFable with a creepy musical track!

I will also be adding a new house shop to Stoneheart Fall early next week with lots of the new, creepy furnishings made by True Mortal found in The Maker!

Chapter 2 Finale
I'm so sorry, but we've had to delay the Finale of this chapter until next week. Wargoth is sticking and we all want to make sure that you guys have the most epic boss fight possible here! Trust me, Ghost, Rolith, and Verlyrus have done some simple amazing things with this boss fight and the titan fight and it is worth the wait! 


Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th: Wrath of the 13th!

Gaaaaaaahhhhhhh! So much craziness this week! And still more is happening, right now, as I type this!!!!! Between Rolith being sick, have to roll to a different location and spotty connection it's the Revenge of the 13th!

Master of Puppets
The new quest is live though! Go and visit Yolande in Atrea check out the latest installment of the Chapter 2 arc. Will you be able to make it through Xan's volcanic fortress?

Friday the 13th strikes again! The bug that caused the skipping of the first cutscene and fight is now fixed! Now you will henceforth be called Xan until you logout or Rolith stops making fixes while sick, whichever comes first!

Wrath of Wargoth
The war is coming sooooooooon here! 


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday the 12th

It is a dire day... the calm before the storm. Even now, forces are consipring against those heroes brave enough to stand against the threat....

Unfortunately, Rolith has already been struck down by a sinister virus! One that, though he denies it, a certain paladin seems to be responsible for! (/coughdon'tcometoworksick/cough)

DA-DA-DUUUUUUUUUNNNN! Is Artix working with Wargoth to take down Rolith?!

I don't know... I'm kinda scared to ask too... who knows how vulnerable rocks are to this sickness!

In all seriousness, though, poor Rolith is out of commission. Which means the quest we wanted to get out tonight needs to be delayed until tomorrow while I hunt down other coders* to see if they can help out! It also means that the Ateala base class previews might get pushed back to early next week.

The Wrath of Wargoth
Delays on quests or no... the war doesn't wait! Wargoth is gathering his forces for a final attack.... Fire elementals, molten Squires, and... well, let's just say that more then just Veyla were unable to escape his grasp when Atrea was brought though to Lore!

In addition to Defender's Medals, the war waves will also have a chance to drop Ateala Armaments. These will merge into the watery Escelense Set. Dracelix has crafted this beautiful set and the weapons themselves react to elementals!

Wargoth will be sending an army greater then both of his previous attacks combined to Lore this time. Will you be able to conquer the fiery enslaved forces of almost an entire planet before it overruns ours?

*No, don't run Verlyrus and Khelios! I have cookies!
Ok, they're really small pebbles... but they look cool!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Hide and Seek

The Professor was the one who saved the Ateala from Wargoth's tyranny on Somoarrah, but he may have lead Wargoth directly to Lore! If the deadly and powerful fire infernal wants The Professor dead... will you be able to find him first?

Rising Fire
The war has been moved to Atrea! Just talk with the sentry as you enter the town. This will be the last weekend that the Imp pets will be available! Get them before Monday!

Relics of the DragonKnight
This awesome DC set has been buffed! You'll get a 40% boost against dragons from the weapons alone and, when you equip the helm and cape for the complete set, you'll get a 75% boost against dragons!

The Merchant Cyan is resting by the river in downtown Falconreach if you'd like to buy the set from him. He's also dropped it off at Cysero's Superstore of Savings!

New Login and Interface
Check out the refreshed login screen and GUI that Ghost has made!


Friday, April 20, 2012

The Boss Awaits!

Wargoth, a powerful fire infernal, is the greatest enemy the Ateala have ever known. They used to be able to riftwalk across dimensions until their power drew Wargoth's attention. His attack devastated the planet Somorah where he ruled over them in tyranny until his only son revolted against him. The Ateala no longer had the ability to riftwalk but were able to stay in peace on the dark world, Somorah... until Wargoth returned. With the help of the mysterious Professor, they were able to expand a single, found portal and transport themselves and the great city of Atrea through it, but Wargoth's fiery legions followed them to Lore!

Wargoth himself is a master of fire with the ability to to control it and bend it to his will. Now he follows his legions to Lore, a place where the elemental planes have been thrown out of balance. Where the plane of fire itself has been weakened... will it be able to defend itself against this malevolent new power coming to take over Lore?

Log in now to help finish the war and then defeat the Rising Fire Boss!