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Friday, August 9, 2019

The Thorns Saga: Unraveled

Hey there, heroes!

This week in DragonFable, we have the epic finale of The Thorns Saga! After following behind Theano's steps for so long, the time has come to face him. Last time, you and Belle fought your way into Theano's fortress, but arrived just in time to see Theano finish his spell. Now, it's time to face him, and stop him and his destructive scheming once and for all!

Head over to Book 3 Falconreach and talk to Ash to play this week's release: Unraveled!

We know how much you all enjoy seeing behind the scenes of how we create our releases, so this week, I'd like to share some of my very professional concept art (by yours truly) from this week's release!

Can you recognize which moment this is from the quest?

As part of our design process, we often have to step outside of our comfort zones in order to share our visions and ideas for the way the story is told.

This means that sometimes, boxcats must create concept art, artists may suggest mechanics, etc. And as a team, it's up to us to work with each other and to review and understand each others ideas to create the best releases possible!

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